Shared Identity, Connecting Communities

Home is not only where we live in, but also where we gain our sense of belonging, foster our emotional connections, and change our lives. Transform residential developments into cosy homes for all with Dulux Professional.


Inspired by every detail, ornate element, historical and geographical context, Dulux Professional celebrates the beauty of architectural movements with 5 inspirational colour palettes carrying the essence of each aesthetic.


Virtual Reality

Classic Burgundy




Alabaster Pink

Taupe Pink


Kitten White

Chocolate Kiss

Khaki Green

Modern Contemporary

Wood Smoke

Connecticut Blue

Soft Cloud


Indian Saffron

Evening Shadow

English Apple

Why use Dulux Professional?

• Peace of Mind

If home is where the heart is, you should feel most at ease when you are at home. Beautiful homes are what we help create with our innovative and functional products with the richest colours and unparalleled durability. With Dulux Professional, your home is the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

• Lasting Beauty

A home is a source of pride, a unique reflection of one’s achievements and aesthetic vision. Enjoy the admiration your beautiful home draws when you use Dulux Professional to express your life story with our renowned decorative and protective coatings.

• Sense of Belonging

What we see can change how we feel. Colours not only stimulate our senses; they also stir our emotions. Using Dulux Professional’s colour palettes, you can shape the fabric of a living community and bring neighbours closer together through a shared identity and ambience.


If the home is where the heart is, you should feel most at ease at home. Your home is the last thing Dulux Professional wants you to worry about. That is why we offer functional products of richest colours and unrivalled durability, transforming residential developments into cosy homes for all.

Dulux Professional Interior Solutions

Whether it is an apartment unit or an entire development, it's only right to make your home a cosy home.

A well protected paint surface is needed to prevent mold growth and dispersal of potent toxins, keeping our love ones safe. And that is exactly what Dulux Professional Diamond range ensures. We deliver smooth finishing and outstanding functionality specially formulated with technologies to keep your wall beautiful and bacteria-free.

Building upon a foundation of excellent durability, innovation brings about other product features to extend the capabilities of Dulux Professional Diamond. This includes colourguard and reflective properties so your colours keep looking fresh and your interiors are made brighter with less reliance on artificial lighting.

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Dulux Professional Exterior Solutions

Whether it is an apartment unit or an entire development, it's only right to make your home a cosy home.

The harsh tropical climate is notorious for bombarding building facilities with sudden rainfall on hot sunny days and extended periods of monsoon rain. With Weathershield's all-weather protection, your residential building will look good and stay looking good long into the future.

That's not all. Other Weathershield features extend beyond weather resistance to include superior film integrity that resists alkali attack and dirt build-up. Because homes are often lived in for years at a time, and Dulux Professional products are made exceptionally durable to maximise maintenance.

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