Smarter Spaces, Brighter Future

Never has lifelong learning been so vital in a rapidly changing economy. As we adapt new skills to our education curriculum, we need to ensure the spaces we learn in progressively advance as well. With Dulux Professional, we can enhance learning environments and encourage continuous development.

Colour Design In Education

We believe colour and decoration has the power to transform lives. Evidence has shown that well-designed schools can affect the behaviour, motivation and performance of users studying and working in it.

Whether primary schools, secondary schools, or tertiary institutions, our colour schemes have been designed to stimulate and inspire learning and playing.


Sugar Blush

Tapestry Red

Ocean Floor


Scottsdale Brown

Tavern Green

Desert Dawn


Moonlight Sonata

Peach Goddess

Blue Danube

Art Rooms


Blueberry Bud

Blueberry Bud

Sports Facilities


Celery Stalk

Rustic Drama

Staff Rooms

African Tulip

Summer Picnic

Approaching Storm

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Why use Dulux Professional?

• Smart Spaces

Our education institutions are driven by the same purpose: to change lives through meaningful learning. Dulux Professional creates smart spaces for students of all ages, forming learning environments conducive for shaping the minds of our future.

• Diversity Embraced

Each student possesses a unique talent. To meet their diverse needs, similarly varied are the school facilities that educators require. Dulux Professional offers a wide range of solutions to meet every specification for your institution.

• Distinct Identity

Imparted lessons and values form a unique and intangible identity, while colours form its physical identity. Dulux Professional helps your school stand out with beautiful, long-lasting colours that your students, teachers and parents will easily recognise.

Our Professional Products and Technology

Never has lifelong learning been so vital in our rapidly changing economy. While we adapt new skills to our education curriculum, we too must change the spaces our children learn in. That is why Dulux Professional helps enhance learning environments to encourage in our children continual cultivation.

Dulux Professional Interior Solutions

Schools accommodate many students for long periods of learning, thinking, concentration and focus.

Durability and washability are immediate priorities for classrooms, corridors and other common areas with high foot traffic. That is why the Diamond range presents premium quality that is anti-bacteria and stain resistant. It also helps schools reduce maintenance costs and disruptions. 

To sustain productivity in all parts of the school, achieving good indoor quality with odour neutralising paint is of utmost importance. Dulux Professional Diamond also uses Lumitec™ technology to illuminate rooms, making them seem more spacious and less gloomy for students and staff.

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Dulux Professional Exterior Solutions

Schools accommodate many students for long periods of learning, thinking, concentration and focus.

The exteriors of an educational institution make a strong first impression, and they have to stay looking good. Just like how interiors have to withstand wear & tear, exteriors also have to withstand weather elements.

Weathershield's long-lasting protection helps exteriors bear different eather conditions, resulting in maintenance cost savings. Special pigments reflect heat to keep room temperature cooler so students can return to cooler rooms after a long sunny day out in the field.

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