Smarter Spaces, Higher Productivity

We spend much of our day in workplaces designed to let our minds thrive. Use Dulux Professional to improve the commercial spaces we work in to bring the best out of us. Satisfied occupants bring about economic benefits to their businesses, as well as their landlords.

Colour Design in Work Spaces

An uplifting workplace encourages inspiration for ideas and motivation to work productively. Colour design in work spaces can be challenging because it occurs in the context of meaningful settings, correct lighting and comfortable visual conditions.

Complement thoughtfully designed spaces of various purposes with our colour schemes for your commercial developments.

Open Working Spaces

Boston Cream

African Tulip

Indigo Sea


Grey Pennant

African Tulip

Brazil Nut



Violet Hush


Conference Room


Wine & Dine

Elegant Cotton

Reception / Waiting Area

Wine & Dine

Cherry Red

Classic Neutral

Flexible Work Station


Market Green

Silk Moon

Private Meeting Room


Silk Moon

Skylight Darkness

Support Area

Omega Yellow

Icelandic Waters

Dewdrop Grey


Emerald Isle

City Sensation

Cotton Fantasy


Flaming Sword

Omega Yellow

Moonlight Sonata

Why use Dulux Professional?

• Work in Comfort

Deliver the best results for your commercial buildings and the work- spaces within confidently, trusting the quality of our Dulux Professional products and expertise. Work comfortably while staying continually inspired and without disruption.

• Motivated People for Greater Productivity

Our deep understanding of how colours can influence the way we feel has guided the colour schemes we’ve produced. With Dulux Professional, you can create the ideal environment to energise, inspire and motivate people hard at work to go the extra mile.

• Colours That Work, For Work

Colours help to differentiate between developments in a landscape of commercial buildings, as well as the diverse occupants within each building. Transform commercial buildings with the beautiful paint colours from Dulux Professional.

Our Professional Products and Technology

Our colours are more than merely functional, they are also intimately pivotal. By supplying our corporate partners wherever they are in the world with our specified products and colours, we ensure their businesses & projects maintain their corporate identity with colour consistency, durability and high quality.

Dulux Professional Interior Solutions

Maintaining a healthy indoor climate and a gorgeous, timeless design for commercial buildings should not be expensive.

Workplaces host many occupants daily, requiring frequent maintenance to upkeep and extend their lifespan. Dulux Professional eases this day-to-day housekeeping with its durable quality. Because sustainability is essential for standard workstations where intense focus is needed. 

Dulux Professional Diamond also keeps your colours fresh and your productivity going with high performance pigments, anti-mould properties and stain resistance. With Lumitec™ technology already imbued into our products, have your workspaces rely less on artificial lighting and still achieve the same brightness.

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Dulux Professional Exterior Solutions

Maintaining a healthy indoor climate and a gorgeous, timeless design for commercial buildings should not be expensive.

From hotels to shopping malls, Diamond products keep commercial buildings cool and clean with lasting protection against the heat and humidity. Colour fading is also prevented to help each commercial building keep up their great appearance.

Enjoy the added benefit of having textured, patterned and multi-colour finishes through easy application. With an amalgamation of technologies and solutions, the Weathershield range brings a new visual dimension to infrastructure aesthetics in its delivery of advanced aesthetic finishings.

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